Grandparents DNA Test

Grandparents DNA Test

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A Legal Grandparent DNA Test is done to ensure a child is related to a grandparent or to confirm paternity when the father of a child is not available. A Legal Grandparent DNA Test can be used for the same reasons as a Legal Paternity DNA Test, such as: child custody, Social Security benefits, adding a name to a birth certificate, or child support, etc.

In the case of paternity it is important to note that the grandparents must be on the fathers side of the family and they must also be directly related to the father (not a step-parent).

  • We always include the mother in the testing process, especially when testing for legal reasons. Her DNA will speed up the testing process in our laboratory and increase the accuracy of the results.

  • Testing both grandparents is recommended. But DNA testing can be done in the event only one is available.

Legal Grandparent DNA testing requires that everyone involved have their DNA collected by an impartial third party. This can be done at facilities such as a medical office, health clinic, a hospital. Legal DNA test samples can be collected by anyone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome of the tests.

Child Support, Adoption, Child Custody, Court Orders, and adding a name to a Birth Certificate are common reasons for a Legal Grandparent DNA Test


Steps For Legal Grandparent Test


Order your DNA test like you would any other product online.  Fill in your name, email, phone, shipping address.

For any DNA test to be considered Court Admissible it must be shipped to and handled only by an uninterested and unrelated 3rd party.

This 3rd party will take responsibility for collecting the samples, verifying the identity of the participants, and returning the samples to our lab. This can be done anywhere, such as the third parties house, a medical or law office. This third party can be anyone, a lawyer, notary, family friend, doctor, nurse, or pastor. But most importantly it must be someone with no interest in the results of the test.


Make sure to bring a federally recognized government ID, such as a drivers license, passport, or military ID. In the case of a child being tested, a valid certified birth certificate copy must be brought. These should be copied or photographed by the collector. You will also be required to have a picture taken by the collector (or elect to bring one with you) at the time of the collection.

The 3rd party (collector) will help you fill out the paperwork, sign, include all copies and pictures (hard-copies or send electronic copies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the order number attached), and certify that the collection has taken place according to legal standards.


After providing the sample at the collection site, the DNA test kit will be mailed in a secure and traceable package to our accredited home laboratory in El Paso, Texas.  The professional laboratory technicians will handle your genetic samples according to the exacting standards set forth by the AABB in preparing and processing the samples.  Testing will be complete within two business days, the results will be double checked and verified for 99.99% accuracy, and after being signed off by our PhD lab directors we will issue a legal document to you via your email.